Private Chiropractic Seminars

Private Chiropractic Seminars

with Dr. Dan McClure, DC, CCSP, CCEP

Become a leader in the field of extremity and chiropractic care. Soar to new levels of excellence by expanding your knowledge and advancing your skills at a personalized small group private chiropractic seminar with accomplished master, Dr. Daniel McClure. Integrate and apply your new abilities on Monday morning, adding immediate value to your practice.

This private seminar is personalized for your individual needs, with several hours of instruction thoroughly covering topics such as anatomy, full management of extremity care and injuries, spine, thorax, soft tissue injuries, and soft tissue orthopedics (bloodless surgery).

Rather than struggle with the stress and complications that arise from traveling, eating out and hotel stays, Dr. McClure has created a unique tension-alleviating experience to maximize your learning potential and promote focus on your goal to improve and excel.

Delicious and exquisite cuisine will be provided.

For more information or to schedule your Private Seminar, call
(970) 946-9802.

You may register your own small group of 3-5, or join other individuals.

Private Seminars with Dr. Dan McClure

Out of the pool and into a training session.

Dr. McClure also offers:

One-on-one coaching.
Private instruction in your office on your patients.
• Small private group seminars at your location.

Swim, relax in the sun, or play a game of pool in the rec room between training sessions. 

Private chiropractic seminar accommodations
Total Immersion Weekend, Private Chiropractic Seminar with Dr. Dan McClure

Comfortable accommodations and meals are provided on-site.