Canine Chiropractic Instructional Video


By Dr. Daniel J. McClure

In this Canine Chiropractic tutorial, Dr. Dan McClure teaches you what you need to know to begin manipulating dogs. You will learn the basics of canine anatomy, pathomechanics, terminology, and chiropractic evaluation and manipulation. This “journey through the dog” teaches techniques for spinal and extremity manipulation. Dr. McClure explains in detailthe subluxation patterns common in dogs and their corresponding pain reflexes. The actual adjustments are demonstrated on live animals. Dr. McClure discusses safety issues and legalities of canine chiropractic.

Dr. Dan McClure has 33 years experience adjusting dogs and has taught hundreds of doctors how to perform canine manipulation, both nationally and internationally. This video is the perfect addition to anyone’s library who is interested in pursuing canine manipulation. Advanced techniques are available at Dr McClure’s workshops.

This instructional video is delivered digitally.

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