Equine Chiropractic Instructional Video


By Dr. Daniel J. McClure

In his Equine Chiropractic video, Dr. Dan McClure will teach you what you need to know to begin manipulating horses. You will learn the basics of equine anatomy, physiology, gait analysis, biomechanics, pathomechanics, terminology, and chiropractic evaluation and manipulation. This “journey through the horse” teaches techniques for spinal, extremity, cranial and TMJ manipulation, and includes anatomy review with dry specimens as well as actual adjustments demonstrated on a live animal.

Dr. Dan McClure has over 23 years experience adjusting horses and has taught hundreds of doctors how to perform equine manipulation, both nationally and internationally. This video is the perfect accompaniment to Dr. McClure’s Equine text and workshops, as it allows the doctor to review and practice specific adjustive techniques.

Running times: 57 minutes (Part I); 41 minutes (Part II)

This instructional video is delivered digitally.

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Here’s what others have to say:

“Very clear, concise, and extremely helpful… a great reference source. I expect to use it and review it often. It was a great anatomy review. Thanks for helping me do a better job and help the horses.”
Karlene Stange, DVM

“Extremely informative and very well done. Professional in format and content. Explanations were excellent and visual hands-on brought it home.”
Dan Helburg, DC

“Clear and concise – easily understood. Will help out equine chiropractors a lot!”
John Fanara, DC

“Very well done. Very easy to watch and understand, tastefully executed.”
Jacqui Rosencrans, DC

“An excellent job – the DVD covers it all.”
Otsie Stowell, DC

The purpose of this DVD is to teach the fundamentals of equine manipulation, including equine anatomy, physiology, gait analysis, biomechanics, pathomechanics, and chiropractic evaluation. It must be acknowledged that regulations governing the practice of equine chiropractic vary on a state-to-state basis. Viewers are advised to consult with their state regulatory agencies for information regarding scope of practice. The author is not responsible for legal actions or actions by regulatory agencies against practioners of equine chiropractic. In addition, it must be acknowledged that there are inherent risks in the practice of equine chiropractic. The author is not responsible for any personal injuries sustained to viewers or their assistants in the practice of equine chiropractic, nor is he responsible for any injuries incurred to horses treated using the methods outlined in this DVD.